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Sewage is Not Pretty—or Healthy. Our Meticulous Crew Quickly Clears, Cleans and Repairs the Problem

Besides being unpleasant, messy and structurally harmful, sewage damage is a health hazard.  Leave sewage cleanup to our team of specially trained technicians. We’re IICRC certified to take care of raw sewage extraction, cleanup and repairs safely and thoroughly.

We’re the Speedy, Comprehensive Solution for Sewage Mitigation

Sewage water damage causes micro-organic contamination that seeps into structures and spreads through the air, posing serious health risks. That’s why we’re at your service any time of day, any day of the week.

Contamination from sewage can occur when a pipe breaks or backs up, or in a natural flood situation. It infects soaked drywall, carpet and furniture, and permeates floorboards, walls and other elements. Even when the contamination isn’t visible, it can lead to health and structural problems over time.

Our Process Meets the Highest Standards

Flood Masters technicians are trained and certified to take care of raw sewage extraction, cleanup and repairs using techniques and equipment that meet stringent standards. When attacking a sewage project, the process includes:

  1. Immediately test and contain the affected area.
  2. Remove and properly dispose of the sewage, contaminants and water.
  3. Thoroughly decontaminate, disinfect and deodorize.
  4. Dry the area out.
  5. Repair damages.
  6. Conduct a final inspection and test to ensure all contamination has been removed permanently.

When there’s sewage damage, immediate mitigation is essential. Call Flood Masters and we’ll send our specialists to remove the hazardous mess and restore your home to be clean and safe.